Tibet June 2001 photos, page 1 of 8

The first of many roadblocks to make way for Zhu Rongji.

Most of the heavy work on the roads is done by women.

Basket weaver.

Terrific fruit to be bought by the roadside.

The bridge at Luding, site of a major Long March battle.

This cafe produced an excellent breakfast of warm soymilk and jiaozhi.

A popular local pooch. Tibetan dogs also come larger, louder, and much more savage.

The tent material is a coarse sackcloth, woven from yak wool. Guyropes are supported by vertical poles: strange rigging.

Wrestling yaks.

Milking the yaks.

Many Tibetans were selling medicinal worms. We never quite got the story straight - a larva which crawls into a plant and then freezes and dies? - but the Chinese prize them highly.

Houses of prosperous farmers.

A satellite dish in every home.

Plump European-style pig.

Sky burial site.

The chopping spot.
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